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A community wanting to make tangible change

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The Meowcoin Mission

Just like humans, animals have been impacted by the pandemic since it hit in 2020. Many cats, who found homes during this time, have needed to be rehomed due to their owners not being able to care for them.


Many organizations who devote themselves to the care and relocation of our pets have been inundated with animals needing love and a new house to call their own. Sadly, they simply don't have the funds to care for all of them.

Our mission is to donate as much money as we can to animal shelters so they can care for as many animals as possible and give each one of them a chance at a happy life.


Crypto And Proof
Of Work

To fulfil our mission, we decided to look to cryptocurrency as a means of doing so. 


We have designed an algorithm where part of the block reward is retained so it can be sent to various animal shelters.


We'll keep a tally of all the funds we've donated so you can have the satisfaction of knowing your mining efforts have positively contributed to the lives of our furry friends. 

We also intend to tokenize pets and animals on the Meowcoin blockchain. This information is important to the animals ongoing wellbeing. Tokenizing adoption will also provide this information at the time of purchase and allows future pet owners (should that occur) to be
aware of the pet's relevant information without needing to check with previous owners or vets.

A Better World For Animals

We know that as miners, the best projects are the ones that are trying to do something more than just make money.

That's why we created Meowcoin. We know that miners have hearts of gold and would want to support projects that did a little bit more for the world we live in.

By mining Meowcoin you know that you're doing more than just securing the blockchain - you're securing a better life for animals around the world!

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