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2023! MeWow!

By Andrew Starkey (Co-founder of Meowcoin)

Meowcoin has traversed another calendar year and we look back with thankfulness and gratitude. There is, of course, the rollercoaster of highs and lows. We accept that as part of life, but I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of some of the highlights and growth we’ve seen in the project:

  • In 2023 we have donated $29k USD

  • Grew our X account by 2,500

  • Birthed Empawrium, the NFT marketplace

  • Supported the Meowcoin nursery in Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home, which fostered four community-named kittens 

  • Retained Rhubarb Media as our marketing partner (Nov.)

  • Introduced MeowCoinbaker 

  • Increased the wallets compatible with Meowcoin

The coin metrics have also shifted materially:

  • Started at 0.00009864 with $1400 USD volume on Dec 31st 2022 and are now at 0.00023700 with $11,500 USD volume; a material increase

  • Grown our market cap from $180k USD to $794k USD; a significant increase

  • We now have over 200 nodes for Meowcoin, making the network truly decentralized and unstoppable - because of you, our community!

  • Grown from four to seven exchanges

Things to look forward to in 2024/25

  • Core Wallet Updated

  • MeowPoW Algo: Offering higher hashrate, thus more security and Lower energy needs, thus more profitability!

  • New Exchanges

  • PawPrint Development - moving animal care onto the blockchain.

  • Mobile Wallet

  • Meowcoin Ambassadors

  • Empawrium enhancements

  • …and more!

As I’ve watched through this year, I’m reflecting on what we do and why we do it.

Cryptocurrency is often a derided element of our wider financial community. Many through ignorance of just plain sourness elect to nay-say on what they don’t want to try and understand. This attitude and negativity stems from what we all in the sector term ‘bad actors’; and let me say there are many of these people preying on the naivety and good intent of people in the space. But it neglects to consider the good that people are striving for too.

Meowcoin is, I believe, a project designed for the good not of the blockchain industry but of the people who receive it. The miners, the users, the traders, the NFT makers and in general the supporters of our project. When Meowmancer and I started this project, we wanted people to have a project they could rely on to always do the right thing and be a safe space where they could come and hang out. I believe we’ve succeeded in doing that. But more importantly, we’ve succeeded in one of the critical tests of all projects - staying power. 

We all know the volatility of the market this year has been intense. Bitcoin hit lows in the $16k, we felt the after-effects of the FTX collapse, the ongoing insolvencies of blockchain-based businesses and services and midway through last year we also watched as Silicon Valley Bank folded. 

Additionally, interest rates are soaring, the cost of living is increasing into spaces impacting the very ability of people to buy food and political instability has caused fear and anxiety for many in the world. 

The world has not been an easy place to navigate. Despite this, we remain and we are determined to be a light of good for the world. 

A good one that focuses on building a community that wants to take care of each other, checking in to see how we are and gives us a space to talk. A community determined to aim for something more than what we have.

A community that is focused on helping the most vulnerable of all of us - our furry friends who need our support so they can eat, stay warm and become a light in someone's life.

I’m convinced that for every cat we’ve saved this year - and the figure is over 170 based on what we’ve been told - you’ve not only helped that animal but you’ve been a part of bringing a smile into someone's life. 

Truth be told, when a person is feeling their lowest, the comfort and companionship of a cat make a difference. 

So as this year begins fresh and full of hope, I want you to remember something very important - blockchain is not just some amorphous thing that we can’t see or touch or be impacted by. It has very real consequences on human lives. In the case of Meowcoin, we’re helping provide for animals that find homes and bring a smile to a new owner's face. 

Blockchain did that. Meowcoin did that. You did that. 
Here’s to a year more.

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