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Meowcoin Core Mandatory Update - 2.0.3

Updated: Mar 18

Firstly, thank you for running Meowcoin Core and helping secure the network!
Thanks to Zach, Meowcoin Lead Dev, for all his work and for all those who have been testing!

What to do

- If you’re running an older version of Meowcoin Core, shut it down.
- Wait until it’s completely shut down - which might take a few minutes for older versions.
- Copy your wallet file to somewhere safe. It's always good practice to backup valuable wallet data for any release. (recovery phrase is adequate)
- Download and install 2.0.3 See links at the bottom of this post

Getting ready for the MeowPow era.pptx
Download PDF • 5.56MB

NOTE: When you upgrade to 2.0.3 you will be ready for the fork on March 18th with no actions needed. If you fail to upgrade by the activation of MeowPow on March 18th the old blockchain with KawPow will stop servicing new blocks so you will not be able to operate your coins until you upgrade to 2.0.3. Update Today!

This core wallet has the following changes:
- MeowPow Activation
- DAG Size Changes
This is in addition to the previous work done which includes:
- Improved security
- Faster syncing and code base - making us more attractive to devs and people who might be looking for a chain to build on
- Improved code for integrations to Dapps and other crypto resources looking to add MEWC to their tools.
- The first step to MeowPoW! This is about helping save our miners’ electricity (thus making us more profitable)  This will also mean more profitability = more hash = more miners = bigger community = more holders
- Something we can take to the wider crypto community - it gives us a reason to talk (and gives you something to talk about!)
- New design upgrade to match the brand. (Thanks, Rhubarb!)

Meowpow is an upcoming fork in the Meowcoin network.
This update includes the integration to make this a real possibility.
Activation Events (Preliminary, final dates may change):

MeowPow Activation - March 18th 2024

DAG size increase - Epoch 110 - Block 825000 (This is an important change vs 2.0.1)
Meow_v2.0.3 introduces a small fix into the DAG size after we reach epoch 110 (vs 2.0.2)

Running MeowPow R6 Testnet -- Add testnet=1 in meowcoin.conf file, start wallet.
Testnet nodes will not automatically connect to other testnet nodes, please use these IP addresses to connect:
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add

Wallet Downloads (Mac Wallet still in Development)

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