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MeowPow Testnet is live

Updated: Feb 15

Today we have something incredibly exciting to share with you: The launch of MeowPoW test net! That’s right, you can be a part of history and help us test the next evolution in #Meowcoin mining.

Here’s how!

Download the new wallet

Put it in test mode You can do this by adding testnet=1 in your Meowcoin.conf file

Don’t hesitate to reach out in ⁠the #mining channel in Discord if you need help. This will put the new wallet into test mode so you can mine to it.

Download the new miner

NOTES: Currently, it only works on Nvidia, but AMD is coming soon! You can mine testnet with almost any nvidia GPU, but the final algorithm will have a 4GB dag file. The miner will have a bat file that you can use. Replace the wallet address with your own.

In testing we have found the new algorithm to be very sensitive to memory speeds. So you may want to try locking the core low, and the memory high. Have fun, and report what you find.

Thanks for helping Meowcoin evolve.

Don’t hesitate to reach out in ⁠the #mining channel in Discord if you need help and please report your test findings there as well.

Developers Notes

(A more documented article/pdf will be created upon final release)

Set to go live on main network March 18th 6pm EST

MeowPow: Advancements in Mining Algorithm


MeowPow represents a significant evolution in cryptocurrency mining algorithms, refining the foundation established by ProgPow while introducing tailored adjustments to better align with Meowcoin’s goals. This new approach promises to deliver meaningful changes to the mining landscape, offering improvements in efficiency and reducing power consumption.

Dag Change:

A pivotal aspect of MeowPow's evolution is its approach to the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) size. Scheduled for transition at epoch 128, MeowPow seamlessly scales the DAG size to 4GB, a move aimed at optimizing efficiency and ensuring compatibility with contemporary mining operations. This transition involves multiplying the epoch value by three, a forward-looking strategy intended to future-proof the algorithm against older cards operating on low electricity costs in large numbers.


MeowPow's mining protocol is supported by the meowpowminer, a specialized mining software designed to operate on the algorithm's intricacies. Notable considerations include difficulty adjustments and hardware compatibility, ensuring a smooth and potentially more efficient mining experience. Updates to meowpowminer will be closely monitored to maintain optimal performance as the network evolves.


The integration of MeowPow into the mainnet ecosystem requires strategic coordination and proactive measures. Widely adopted among exchanges, pools, and mining software, MeowPow aims to minimize disruptions while maximizing network compatibility and security. Careful attention to detail will be essential in ensuring a seamless transition.

Technical Details

MeowPow Parameters:

- Period Length: 6- Number of Registers (num_regs):** 16- Number of Lanes (num_lanes):** 16- Number of Cache Accesses (num_cache_accesses): 6- Number of Math Operations (num_math_operations): 9- L1 Cache Size: 16 * 1024- L1 Cache Number of Items: Calculated based on L1 cache size

Testnet Deployment:To initiate a MeowPow testnet, configure the meowcoin.conf file to include `testnet=1`. Nodes must be manually added to the testnet. Provided below are a few node IP addresses for reference:-


MeowPow signifies a notable advancement in mining algorithm development, presenting exciting changes that have the potential to enhance efficiency and decrease power consumption. As the MeowPow ecosystem matures and gains acceptance, it signals a new phase in mining algorithms, tailored to meet the evolving needs of the blockchain community.Meowcoin

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