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Perry's Place Shelter Report

Perry's Place is located in Los Angeles and is a dedicated cat shelter. Rescuing and then rehoming kittens and cats, they've set themselves the mission to become 'Heaven on Earth' for cats; transforming the lives of homeless cats through rescue, sanctuary and new beginnings.

Iguana was previously featured as a nice cat of the week...and a naughty cat of the week shortly after!

Lucy & Mimi (the two cats cuddling in the bed): These senior kitties LOVE each other so much. They are considered a bonded pair, and they will go home together when adopted. We call them our "Golden Girls."

Kallo (white cat with orange tail): He is one of the few cats at Perry's Place that isn't available for adoption. He's been featured as the naughty cat of the week a few times because of his passive-aggressive (or outright mean) behaviours. However, he's not always bitter. He loves being the resident office cat and loves to hang out with Channing, the adoption coordinator.

Kallo's health has always been a concern, so we always keep an eye on him in the office. Unfortunately, his health has started to decline and we're not sure how much longer he has with us.

Meowcoin is thrilled to be partnered with Perry's Place and continues to partner with the long-term aim of helping them achieve their mission. We watch from around the world as the wonderful stories of cats being lovingly saved, cared for and rehomed.

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