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Rhubarb Media joins Meowcoin!

It is with great excitement that we announce a comprehensive proposal and opportunity for marketing services has been presented by Rhubarb Media and accepted by the Meowcoin Project. Consequently, Rhubarb Media will be coming on board with the Meowcoin Project to help it grow via marketing and community building strategies.

Rhubarb Media (Rhubarbarian) brings a deep understanding and vast experience in effectively marketing complex products and services. Rhubarb also has a proven track record in establishing and marketing successful crypto and blockchain projects since 2017. His work and dedication within these communities are a clear testament to how he can help take Meowcoin to the next level of adoption.

Rhubarbarian understands that successful marketing is not only about the work but also about effective team building, strategic programming and Community Management. They will focus on collaborating and equipping existing and new marketing-centric people as well as ramping up support for Merchants/Shelters and work towards a comprehensive Ambassadors Program, providing them with the resources they need to promote Meowcoin effectively.

We'll also be working on creating content including more videos, Cat Chats, meetups, and Discord scrums, allowing us to showcase Meowcoin's unique features and advantages to a broader audience and engage the Meowcoin community with energy and full transparency.

We're excited for Rhubarbarian to come aboard; he's a man of integrity, vision and creativity. Additionally, we've seen the work he's done (especially with Kaspa) and believe he both has the runs on the board as well as aligned philosophies on how to build Meowcoin into the project we all want.
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