Community events: Big Airdrop on Discord community

Written by MeowCoinbaker

Around 500 Meowcoin Members Rewarded with Over 2 Million MEWC in Less Than 24 Hours

A continuous shower or more than 100 small drops delighted all the attendees at the event

Airdrop Party

29th April 2024.- Sponsored by Meowcoin founders, @Meowmancer and @Meowman, for over 12 hours, the Meowcoin Discord community enjoyed a downpour of over 2 million MEWC, in various modes: for everyone, for those attending the live event, for completing simple actions,... The excitement of all participants was exceptional, and it was impossible to leave the event, as it was a real party where you never knew what would happen next.

The eligibility requirements were very easy: simply be part of the community (by joining at the link below) and go to the #tips channel and type "+r" to be registered by the tip bot created by our Dev Lead Zach (@Catbreeder).

Airdrop Party2

This kind of enjoyable and unforgettable experience creates great engagement within the community. It was a complete expression of how strong the Meowcoin community is and how powerful a community can be.

This airdrop is a reward for the early adopters of MEWC.

Be ready for the next one. Join now to Meowcoin Discord Server!

Airdrop Party3