Development Highligths: PawPrint and Empawrium

Written by MeowCoinbaker

PawPrint - the software for pet adoption tokenization - is being implemented

Intensified development efforts also involves important updates on Empawrium

Jointly with the Core Wallet - which it is the heart of the Meowcoin network - another key cornerstone is PawPrint. This software solution will embed a variety of use cases, amongst which it is the pet tokenization feature that will enable our furry friends to get adopted by families and find a home.

This project is fully sponsored by the Meowcoin community funding and is part of the planned development roadmap devised by the Meowcoin founders, Meowman and Meowmancer.

PawPrint is a project that will make a huge difference in the animal crypto-space and will bring another dimension on the possibilities of the blockchain.

PawPrint Coding now

Besides PawPrint and other development activities, Meowcoin’s development lead, Zach, is working on important updates to revive Empawrium, the NFT marketplace created by the Meowcoin team for the Meowcoin community. The core team is very actively testing and analyzing the Empawrium website looking for all the required improvements to work on and some users are seeing how their NFTs creations are being posted on the marketplace.

Empawrium Test Report

In the incoming days it is expected to be published a fully pictured Empawrium user guide, including a support guide to provide immediate help. Stay tuned to our blog posts!

Empawrium site

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