New miners and Proxy for SOLO mining

Written by MeowCoinbaker

The recent introduction of MeowPow algorithm and DAG size implies updates on mining software

Development community is working actively in better solutions for MeowPow mining

MeowPow News

15th May 2024.- The number of mining solutions is increasing over time, indicating MeowPow's growing interest in the global mining landscape.

We are pleased to announce that TT-Miner has now released an update with support for AMD GPUs. Additionally, new miners such as TBM - Team Black Miner are actively being tested by the Meowcoin mining community.

New miners

These are the links to all these miners:

MeowPowMiner 2.0.0

TTminer v 2024.2.0

SRBminerMulti 2.5.2

TTminer v 2.25

Furthermore, @CraigD from Coinminerz Pool, perhaps the most active pool in the Discord community, has revealed that an updated version of the proxy he shared in the pre-MeowPow era will be available soon. This update will allow mining against your own node (Core Wallet) using any mining software, functioning like a reduced version of a private mining pool.

Proxy Mining

We look forward to welcoming all miners in this exciting phase of MeowPow's development and expansion! Don’t miss out on the opportunities these innovations bring. See you in the mining pools!