Network and core software: Important reminders

Written by MeowCoinbaker

MeowPow era is bringing fresh air into the development area of Meowcoin core software

New node software (Core Wallet) and Electrum wallet developed by key members

The recent introduction of the new algorithm with lower power consumption, MeowPow, has stimulated the development area of Meowcoin, as sponsored by founders. As resulting from these activities the following new developments have been recently released:

Core Wallet 2.0.4: A new version of the node software with the capability of disconnecting from nodes not supporting MeowPow has been released. This will reinforce the Meowcoin network. It is very recommendable to get upgraded to this version.

Download Core Wallet 2.0.4

Release notes Core Wallet 2.0.4

RN Core Wallet 2.0.4

Meowcoin Electrum Wallet: It is a great version of a desktop wallet, included in the Meowcoin Foundation code repository. This wallet does not require to synch with the network as it does not require to download the blockchain. Also you can operate your NFTs and several wallets. It is fully compliant with the address generator of the Core Wallet and can import wallets from seeds. Also it has a look inspired in ancient arcade times.

MeowCoin Electrum

Download Electrum Wallet

Other relevant item of the Meowcoin Foundation is the MeowPowMiner, a miner that is giving a great performance in NVIDIA cards, even superior to other miners available.

MeowCoin Foundation

MeowCoin Foundation