Miracle Box goes beta

Written by MeowCoinbaker

New Android wallet supporting Meowcoin - Ready for mass testing and planned for imminent release

Great Gemlink development delights with their great features in beta testing phase

Gemlink has accomplished one of their major milestones for the first half of 2024 bringing an Android wallet supporting the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Solana and Meowcoin networks, amongst many others, giving the capability to support transactions of MEWC and the future wMEWC (wrapped Meowcoin). All in a single application.


Gemlink was already providing wallet solutions for multiple coins and tokens in form of desktop applications for Windows, Linux and MacOs, but this Android wallet is simply amazing, as with just few interactions the users can reach the functionality they need. In that sense it is an excellent design and it is plenty of many other great design aspects. In the case of Meowcoin community we feel specially happy with being invited by Gemlink team to review their current beta version, and seeing how the issues reported by our community were addressed immediately.


Major features of Miracle Box Android wallet are:

  • Non custodial wallet: everyone is responsible of their words (20 words for all the coins in the case of Miracle Box)
  • Networks supported: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, AVX, Meowcoin...
  • Can add tokens of ETH, BNB and SOL? Yes, by its contract address
  • Meowcoin Block Explorer embedded in the wallet. This eases the review of transactions
  • Price graphs
  • Swaps function: planned for future releases
  • QR code scanner
  • Very low transfer fees (for MEWC)

A step-by-step user guide fully picured, specially written for beginners, is available for our community, written with the maximum pleasure by the author of this article. This guide is under review of Gemlink team which it is a real priviledge.


Download the Miracle Box User Guide

We encourage to give a try because this wallet is surprisingly effective, dynamic and useful. You will enjoy for sure.

First official release of Miracle Box Android version is planned for the incoming days, as advised by the Gemlink team.

Stay tuned to this wallet because, given their unique features of supporting ETH/BSC/SOL tokens and Meowcoin network, besides its great user interface, it is expected to become a very popular wallet for the Meowcoin users.

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