wMEWC: Final Encoding and Early Integration with Ethereum

Written by MeowCoinbaker

Early Integration Steps of wMEWC Completed on the Ethereum Network

An Exclusive Interview with Our Lead Developer, Zach

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Meowcoin's lead developer, Zach Price. Zach is the mastermind behind the MeowPow algorithm, the architect of this website, and a pivotal figure in many technical integration activities within the Meowcoin ecosystem. His work, always guided by Meowcoin's founders Meowmancer and Meowman, has been instrumental. Let me share the insightful exchange from our interview:

  • [MeowCoinbaker]: Hello Zach. I want to keep our community updated on our development progress. Perhaps the most significant task is the wrapped Meowcoin. How is wMEWC progressing? Have you started any smoke testing, or are you working on small PoCs for areas that need resolution? Should I advance the calico to the next phase? Code?

  • [Zach]: Thank you. The wrapped solution is progressing well. We are deeply immersed in the coding phase, almost at the integration phase. The GUI we are designing features MEWC colors and unique graphic elements. It currently supports Trust Wallet and MetaMask. The major challenge was creating a super-secure smart contract, but I believe we've accomplished that. Minting and security are our top priorities.

  • [MCB]: That is crucial. I've always viewed SC as a vulnerability within the ETH ecosystem because it can be a haven for unethical actors. We need honest developers to create robust and bulletproof code (in Solidity). Thank you for your excellent work! Regarding the next question: when do you think it will be feasible to start integration testing? I am eager to get involved in testing the wrapping system, and I believe many community members are too.

  • [Z]: We need to deploy the wMEWC smart contract, which should happen very soon. I am currently refining the solution and ensuring there are no bugs. Once that's done, we can proceed. I don't anticipate this taking more than a week. Another concern is the security of the contract information within the code, which I am evaluating. It's essentially a signing server. So there are still a few moving parts, but I expect them to come together soon. This gives us a great opportunity to identify best practices.

  • [MCB]: Are you planning to integrate with MB (Miracle Box)? They support MEWC and custom tokens on the ETH network (as well as SOL and BSC).

  • [Z]: Absolutely, we can integrate with Gemlink, Miraclebox, and Komodo as well.

  • [MCB]: I would like the educational component (docs and videos) of the wrap system to start ASAP and be released as early as possible. When do you think the GUI will be ready, and could you share some graphic material with me? This will help me organize the discussion. Later, when the GUI is finalized, I will create an educational video. What do you think, Zach?

  • [Z]: Yes, that sounds good. I can send you this data soon.

  • [MCB]: Great! Even if it's rough, it will be very valuable for me if the material you share is about 75% similar in terms of operational steps to the final implementation.

Wrapped Meowcoin current stage

As you can see, the realization of wrapped Meowcoin is inevitable. This development is expected to be highly disruptive as it is uncommon for a PoW coin with NFT support and its own energy-saving mining algorithm to emerge in the crypto space. It is challenging to predict how significantly the MEWC price will increase.

Prepare yourself for what's coming.