Hope for Onyx: "Tails" of Rescue and Recovery

Written by Alyssa

Onyx, a brave wiener dog, faced a harrowing ordeal when he was cruelly thrown out of a moving car. Witnesses at the scene acted quickly, providing immediate aid to the injured pup. Despite the trauma, Onyx was able to move and breathe, but the extent of his injuries was unclear.

Ellen, one of the witnesses and compassionate owner of the town's small shelter, took charge. She rushed Onyx to the shelter for a thorough assessment. It was discovered that Onyx had suffered fractures in his fibula, femur, and pubis. The priority was to immobilize his leg and hip to ensure proper healing and stability. The shelter wasted no time in providing Onyx with a cast and began monitoring his progress closely. Currently, Onyx is recuperating in a foster home where he receives love and care, preparing him for adoption.


While Meowcoin is primarily dedicated to the aiding and rescuing cats; We felt compelled to support this shelter's noble efforts in caring for dogs. In a gesture of solidarity, Meowcoin issued their first donation to Kellen Rescue Inc., where Ellen manages the entire operation. The shelter is currently caring for 20 dogs with the help of several foster homes.

Every four-legged friend deserves a chance at survival and should never endure neglect or abuse. These stories remind us of the importance of the communities support and compassion. Together, we can empower our community and foster stronger bonds among us all. This story of Onyx underscores the resilience of animals and the critical role shelters play in their recovery. Let us continue to advocate for and support shelters that provide sanctuary and care for animals like Onyx.

Thank you for your continued dedication and support to shelters like Kellen Rescue Inc. and for making a difference in the lives of animals in need.