MEOWCOIN CORE 1.0.7 is Live! Major Updates and New Features

Written by Meowcoin Website Admin

MEOWCOIN CORE 1.0.7 is Live!

We have several huge pieces of exciting news today. This is a milestone for the community, for miners, and our growing team. First things first, we’d like to introduce @catbreeder - our new dev who has come on board recently. He has been a superb addition to the team, and we’re very grateful for his acceptance to join.

Having him on board means a lot of the roadmap work we’ve been delaying to complete is now in play to be acted on. This is exciting for the project, exciting for you and the community, and exciting for us as we can’t wait to see our plans come to fruition.

Upgrade to 1.0.7

As you may be aware, our existing code base stems from Ravencoin, and the chosen fork we used had a code base that was a little older than we’d have liked. To get ourselves into a space to implement and deploy MeowPoW, we needed the code base refreshed and revitalised. @catbreeder has done that for us, with this update forming the foundation, we’ll springboard from it to build MeowPoW.

Key improvements include:

  • Improved security.
  • Faster syncing and a more attractive code base for devs.
  • Enhanced integration capabilities for Dapps and other crypto resources.
  • The first step to MeowPoW! This will help save our miners’ electricity, thus increasing profitability and community growth.

Main Technical Changes

  • Development based on v1.0.6.
  • For users of older versions (1.0.3 and 1.0.4): Refer to changes made in versions 1.0.5 and 1.0.6.
  • Update highly recommended as a preparatory step for hard-forking to the version with the new algorithm.
  • Functional unit tests executed in the real network: transactions and new block announcements tested successfully.
  • Integration tests with Meowcoin network, running several deployed instances compiled for Linux and Windows.
  • Backwards compatible with nodes running old Core versions. This update is not a hardfork.
  • Not built yet for MAC. (Coming soon!)
  • Install recommendation: save wallet.dat and install over the existing installation for a smooth migration.
  • New stratum proxy requirement: needed to add in the config file (meowcoin.conf) these lines:

We encourage everyone to update their Core wallet to the new update. If you are running a node, we’d love for you to redeploy on this new update. These changes can

be made immediately with the release.

For those who need some instructions, the document here will help on how to install and set up your node: How to Run a Meowcoin Full Node on Windows

Our third update is that MeowPoW work is fully underway. For the execution of this, we need help from you to ensure the network converts over and we don’t split the chain. Once the MeowPoW algo change is done, we’ll set a block height that it becomes active on. The Meowcoin team will reach out to every exchange and pool to get them to switch over; this should ensure the network continues. But we also need you, the miner, to support us in this endeavor and upgrade when the next update comes out.

Finally, @Meowcoinbaker has done a wonderful job of building an FAQ that we’ll log into our GitBook repository soon. It explains a lot of the Q’s people have when they join the Meowcoin community and will be a resource we’ll keep up to date.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this! Please share your experience (text, photo, video) on socials and use the tag #MeowcoinNewWallet